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Whether you want to re-wallpaper or paint, old wallcovering should be removed.

We will remove your old wallcovering in an efficient and clean manner with the least damage to your walls. We rarely use any chemicals in this process and prefer the use of tap water.

Where applicable we also offer washing off the glue from  your walls.

Wallcovering Removal

The secret to a quality long lasting  installation is in the preparation. We offer various levels of preparation, starting with simple patching and sanding nail holes and such, to installing wallpaper liner (blank stock).

Any such repairs should be followed with the application of a suitable primer specific to your project needs.

Surface Preparation

The proper installation of the end-product is the most crucial stage of your project.

A sub-standard installation could mean having to start all over again.

We provide superior and precise craftsmanship with attention to details.

We have experience with all wallcoverings starting with standard paper back vinyl to specialty designer wallcovering, fabrics, naturals and textures.

All our installations are done with wallcovering-specific adhesives and to manufacturers’ specifications, resulting in an eye pleasing, long lasting installation.

Wallcovering Installation

Throughout the progression of your project, your home or office will be kept clean. Special attention will be given at the end of each work day and a final cleanup at the end of the project. We treat your property as if it were ours.


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