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I would like to introduce myself, Elisha Blatt, licensed wallcovering contractor, and state some of my work ethics, concepts and practices that I believe can be of great value to you.


The variety of wallcovering materials available today is more diverse and artistic than it has ever been.  In addition, consumers are more knowledgeable and discerning about work done in their homes and offices.  In response, I offer extensive experience, intelligence and an understanding of our clients’ expectations.


Your concept of a design project goes beyond planning, selecting, purchasing and coordinating.  The final indelible picture is often determined by the quality of the workmanship.  No matter how economical or luxurious the wallcovering material is, without proper wall prep, layout, handling and installation, the project is not successful unless it is met with the satisfied and pleased eye of both designer and client.  In other words, the results of your best efforts often lie in the hands of your workman. 


I provide services that include stripping of old wallcovering, wall prep and minor repairs, priming and sealing, smoothing of textured walls and installation of all wallcoverings using only the best adhesives on the market.


Please take a few moments to read through the letters of reference on the Testimonials page and projects completed on the Clients page. I take great pride in the work I do, offering the precise, detailed caliber of work that suits my talents best and goes hand in hand with your design specifications. You may call me any day of the week to let me know how I may be of service to you.






Elisha Blatt, Owner

Blatt Wallcovering

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